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Updated 17-April-2012

New  - Products & Technologies:

1) Product:  ULTRADUCER
  website  ,  Introduction (pdf) , Photo1 , Photo2 , User Manual (pdf) , Linearity Test .   Ultra-high precision ultrasonic close range proximity sensor available for OEM clients! Non-contact vernier-caliper replacement. Can also measure gas temperature (~0.02C) or composition.    Volume manufacturing available on-order!  Product available: delivery time 4 weeks (samples), 8 weeks in quantities.

2) New Technology:  "R-Ducer" - New low-cost high-efficiency ultrasonic 20-50kHz transducer design available for OEM!  Much higher acoustic efficiency - up to 10 times higher signal than a typical ultrasonic level sensor transducer.  Suitable for low power/loop power design!   Simple design yields to automated production assembly process.  No potting!


Customers, OEM, vendors & distributors!   We are open for all enquiries, please phone us (1-705-6572419) for more information regarding:
- product specifications, pricing and delivery,
- manufacturing by S&M PCTI,
- OEM licensing,
- technology transfer.


S&M PCT is a small consulting business founded in May 1999 to provide services
in industrial research, design and development in the area of sensors, industrial
automation and process control, automated test equipment in the optical media
DVD and other technologies, in
vacuum technologies and in the aerospace industry.     Since 1999,  S
has successfully co-developed and implemented 5 products to-date for 4 different
customers in the area of industrial sensors and automated test equipment.
&M PCT offers to conduct projects through all or some of the phases of:
research, specification, development, verification and production, as well as
offering assistance in off-shore manufacturing contracting.
The company offers to share and  help implement some innovative and
not widely known but effective R&D project management techniques, if requested.

Areas of expertise & experience:

Microwave sensors

Acoustic sensors

Analog electronics

Digital electronics

Industrial Safety Standards & Approvals

PCB Board Layout


Vacuum Technology & Instrumentation

Aerospace Technology


Process Control Technology Inc.
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