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Physicist, Sensor Design - Hardware & Software


   Process Control Technology Inc.  ( )

77 GHz Radar level sensor and ULTRADUCER high precision ultrasonic proximity sensor:

Professional Skills

    *  Proven track record in project management, R&D and product development work;
       developed unusual but highly effective project planning techniques.

    *  Level Industry experience, design & development of industrial ultrasonic &
        microwave sensors, microwave antennas, millimeter microwave systems,
        general analog, RF and digital electronics and embedded software, device
        industrial networking and communication.

    *  Problem solving skills; multi-disciplinary approach of an experimental physicist,
        including non-orthodox problem solving techniques.    Practical hands-on
        experiencein experimental R&D; electronics, microwave, optics, gas and
        plasma dynamics, ultrasonic ion and neutral beam techniques, high vacuum
        techniques, aerospace technology,  microwave and millimeter microwave

    *  Automated Test Equipment industry in optical media DVD,DVD+/-R/RW
       applications, design & development of electronics, optics & software.

    *  Successful project leadership, involving work within groups and with people.
  and software, from design stage through development and verification
        to launch; fast and non-bureaucratic.

    *  Experience with industry safety and EM emission standards and
       hazardous regulatory approvals.

    *  Multidisciplinary approach across many different areas of science and

    *  Very extensive experience in analog electronics and digital circuit design,
        complete product design.

    *  Very extensive experience in software, embedded, real-time, data
       acquisition and user interfaces (hundreds of thousands of lines of code in C,
       C++, Intel assembly, Pic16 assembly, Pic32, Analog Dev DSP Motorola DSP, M16C/60,
       Html/CSS, Java Script, Linux (Ubuntu,Mandriva,Debian).

    *  Non conflicting personality.

Educational Background


Senior consultant & director , Process Control Technology Inc.,
Most recent projects completed (June 1999 – to date, most recent first):

     - Working for Bryston Ltd.
      as embedded software engineer (multichannel audio processing control software)

     - 77GHz FMCW(frequency modulated continuous wave) radar
      level sensor for solids, narrow beam, 1" precision, 50m range. See also the web site,
       and the sales blog.

     - ULTRADUCER: Ultra-high-precision ultrasonic sensor,   40 microns, 8cm range,
      1deg beam spread, 8mm beam diameter; applications:  robotics, production line tolerance
       and quality testing, measuring depth of small boreholes, liquid level in test-tubes; non-contact
       less costly replacement of LVDT and laser gages.   

    - High Efficiency light-foam transdcer prototype design;
       inherently low ring-down with no need for damping, using only a small piezoceramic crystal driver,
       no potting low-cost 40kHz  6 degree beam 

    - VELOCIMETER and VELDIST: Millimeter microwave Doppler radar technology for
       rolling mills, belts, rebars, bands and wire mills. ( photo , web

    - Software re-design work for a client on magnetostrictive level sensor

    - Design work on data processing software (C++, Linux) for microwave vision systems, Smiths Detection,

          "Testimonial (18-Oct-2007):
               Stan Bleszynski of Process Control Technology Inc. has participated
           in several of our projects over the last 4 years and has helped our company
           overcome various hurdles related to microwave vision system design and development.
           Stan's particular strength is his physics background and multidisciplinary approach to
           problem solving.  His wide industrial experience and teamwork skills are a great asset.
           Tony McEnroe,  Managing Director, Smiths Detection Ireland
           Unit 4, Westpoint Business Park
           Ballincollig, County Cork,  Ireland"

      Co-developing software and electronics back
      end for  Tadar  millimeter-microwave scanning systems for security applications.
      See also a paper (1MB PDF) , SPIE conference, London
      28-Sep-2005, Vol 5619.

   - Magnetrol International

       Testimonial (18-Oct-2007):
          "We have engaged the services of Stan Bleszynski, Process Control
          Technology Inc., on many occasions during the last 6 years.
          He has participated in several of our microwave and ultrasonic design and
          development projects.  We have found Stan's contribution on each occasion
          very valuable.  He has the ability to evaluate all areas of a project and offer
          solutions in electronics, microwave, hardware and software aspects .

          Michael Mulrooney, Director of Engineering,
          John Benway,  Manager of New Product Development
          Magnetrol, International, Inc
          Downers Grove, IL"

   - Upgraded firmware for magnetostrictive dual-float level sensor
       Enhanced Jupiter

    - Designed algorithm and wrote echo processing software for pulse radar
     level sensor  "Pulsar" , launched in 2003 (Magnetrol International)

    - Designed dielectric rod antenna with quick connect/disconnect probe
      coupling that allows vessel to remain sealed, and designed a high-voltage
      insulated microstrip coupling for 6GHz microwave radar
      (Magnetrol International)

    - Designed and developed data aquisition board,  (see specs , high-res photo )
      hardware and software for Automated Test Equipment and as a general-purpose
      DSP platform based on Analog Devices Sharc ASDP-21065L processor.
      Software libraries ( see partial listing ) available in Analog Dev. Visual DSP C/C++
      and Sharc assembly.

    - Seminars and essays on software design and software management:
          Coding Guidelines ,
          Project Methodology  ,
          Project Management ,
          Guide to Bad Software (NEW!) ,
       Programming Style for Embedded ... (NEW!) ,
            ---------- " -----------   (Polish translation)

    - Co-designed  a  70kHz low-cost ultrasonic transducer.

    - Designed and developed a compact, low-cost current output ultrasonic
      level probe, employing unique & innovative analog signal processing.
      Electronics and software design.  The product was launched commercially
      in 2001 by Babbitt International (see ABM Ultrasonic Level Transmitter).
      Original product name LT3000:

    - Evaluation & study of two new concepts of high efficiency ultrasonic
      transducer design (flexural wave, mixing of radial & axial modes,
      new materials).

Sensor Designer,  R&D.   Milltronics Ltd. (now Siemens),
 1954 Technology Dr., Peterborough, Ontario,
Canada, K9J 7B1. Tel. (705)745-2431, (
Medium sized company (500 employees) specializing in industrial level
measurement.   (September 1995 – June 1999), I did the following projects:

   -    Designed a lab prototype of a non-invasive ultrasonic sludge and
        cavitation detection system - analog signal processing, digitizing DSP
        (Motorola) signal processing and software.  Remote dial-up telemetry
        through modem.

   -    Re-designed the shape and reduced the level of parasitic vibratory
        modes of an ultrasonic tunning-fork type point level switch sensor
        for liquids (see patent #3).

   -   Project leadership function and design of a complete electronics for
        the above point level sensor.  Wrote embedded signal processing
        software.  The product was launched on the market in 1999 (product
        name RL-200)

   -    Study on ultrasonic time domain reflectometry. Lab prototype of a
        continuous level sensor for liquids based on ultrasonic propagation
        along metal rods, tubes or bars.   Achieved a successful suppression
        of spurious longitudinal modes and operation with very high 20:1
        signal-to-noise level.

   -    Lab prototyping of a microwave cavity based, ultra high dynamic range
        (1e5) force sensor.   Feasibility study of the concept.

   -    Theoretical analysis of microwave pulse radar (nanosecond burst
        generation utilizing negative resistance a silicone diode in avalanche or
        impatt mode)

Senior Engineer R&D.   Applied Micro Electronics Ltd. 8 Ballymoss Rd.,
Dublin 18, Ireland, tel.: (353-1)-2954841. Small company (25 employees).
(May 1988 – September 1995).    Work & projects done:

   -  Designed a complete product "AME7100" - automated stand-alone test
      system for magneto-optical data storage media; system design, plus
      electronics and software (Intel X86).  Interfacing and  sampling quadrant
      optical pickup signals, tracking & focusing servo signals.  Amplitude levels,
      time jitter analysis and FFT spectra.  The system automatically tested the
      conformance of  these signals to industry standards.

   -  Designed hardware and software for an automated industrial floppy disk
      media/drive tester ("AME2300").   Interfacing and sampling of the read-write
      magnetic head signals.  Amplitude level, time jitter and FFT spectral analysis.
     The system automatically tested the conformance of the signals to industry

   -  Supervision of other large hardware & software projects involving 3-5
      people; Electronic circuit design, circuit  debugging, analog and digital
      design, PLD.

  -  Writing low-level real-time software (C, ASM X86), data acquisition,
     process control.


 "Passive Components Cancel Phase Errors", S.Bleszynski, EDN June 9


 "Passive Differentiator Tops Active Designs", S.Bleszynski, EDN April 28

 "Stand-off detection of hidden threat objects on personnel at
checkpoints and in public areas using active millimetre-wave imaging", SPIE conference, London,28-Sep-2005, Vol 5619.

Patents (most recent first)

   "Through Air Radar Level Transmitter", P.Janitch, S.Reynolds, J.Benway,
    S.Bleszynski, US Pat.# 20040066348  (covers the loop launcher, antenna
    design and quick connect/disconnect probe coupling that allows vessel to
    remain sealed).

   "Process Control Instrument Intrinsic Safety Barrier" M.Flasza, S,Bleszynski,
    US Pat.# 20040066588  (covers  the concept of microstrip coupler passing
    the microwave signal across the through  the board to provide isolation for
    intrinsic safety and for noise filtering)

   "Level detector for fluent material", B. Cherek, S. Bleszynski,
    US Pat# 05943294 (1999)

   "Current Mode Audio Power Amplifier", S.Bleszynski, Pat. No. S63281
    (1994), Rep.of Ireland

  "High Frequency Storage Oscilloscope", S.Bleszynski, Pat. 897/88 (1988)
    Rep.of Ireland 


Interests and hobbies:  skiing, science, healing & nutrition,

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